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Les profs de français

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8/19/09 12:19 am - flautista211 - NYSAFLT survey

The New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers (of which I'm a member) is taking a survey related to how students who've learned a language in high school are using their language in their current field of work or study. We're hoping to use the results to develop new and better advocacy tools to promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages at the high school level, especially in New York State.

If you have a minute to take this survey or pass it on to former students and friends who studied foreign language in High School/Secondary school, it'd be greatly appreciated. People taking the survey do not have to be from New York State--the more voices and input we get, the better understanding we have of how people are using their language skills.

Here's the link:

Thanks for your help!

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8/14/09 04:40 pm - dirtypetticoats - Classroom display help!

Bonjour tout le monde!

I'm about to start my second year teaching French and English in London.

I'm looking for some inspiration regarding what kind of things to use for display in a French classroom. In my first year I only taught three hours French a week so did not have much on display but this year French constitutes 50% of my timetable therefore I'm looking forward to the excuse of plastering my classroom walls with all things French!

I was wondering if anyone could offer me suggestions with things to use for display. So far, I intend on having the following:

Classroom instruction posters (asseyez-vous etc) drawn by the pupils
Alphabet (phonetically b-beh)
A mon avis c'est.....nul, chouette etc
Connectives (parce que, car, puis, aussi, et etc)
Question words (comment, pourqoui, quand etc)

What else would you recommend?

Merci en avance!

5/30/09 03:16 pm - flautista211

I'm looking at textbooks for my lower level French students, as well as for an upper level French elective course. We're hoping to create this elective as a culture course (rather than a grammar course) for students who want to continue with language after their requirement is complete but who do not want to continue to our AP prep courses.

What textbook series do you use?

Can anyone recommend a good textbook that would fit with the elective we are looking to create?

Thank you!

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3/8/09 07:17 pm - flautista211

Does anyone out there have experience working with students with Nonverbal Language Disorder/Nonverbal Language Disability?

I have a student who may have it, and I was wondering if anyone could share some strategies they have used to help a student with such a disorder feel more secure and comfortable in a classroom where there is a great deal of nonverbal communication being used (especially for discipline with other students).


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8/26/08 01:27 am - flautista211

What is the most important information you include on your course expectation sheet? I'm trying to put my own together for the first time, and I'm afraid I'm going to forget something important.

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5/25/08 01:13 pm - wytetygryss - Websites or resource recommendations for Carnaval?

Hi everyone,

I have an idea of something I'd like to do next year but I'm not sure how feasible it is. I want each of my 3 elementary school French classes (grade 4, 4/5, and 5) to learn about Carnaval/Mardi Gras traditions in different areas of the world and then have an event at the school where we can invite the rest of the school and have them participate in a parade or some other activities, possibly including food.

One of the areas of study will be Carnaval du Quebec. Since I'm in Canada, I know I can find resources on this - it's a major theme for a lot of French classes across the country! I was also thinking about looking at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and Carnaval somewhere in France (probably Nice, since that seems to be one of the most well-known). The problem is, the websites I'm finding so far have language that is way beyond what my kids can read in French (they're just beginners, starting French class in grade 4), and a lot of information they would probably find boring.

Has anyone ever done something like this? Do you have any websites, books, or any other resources that you'd recommend that are simple and kid-friendly?

5/6/08 04:49 pm - flautista211

I'd like to share an interesting interview question I got the other day. Perhaps it will give those of you who are currently interviewing (like I am) something to think about so that it doesn't take you by surprise.

How would you use blogging in your classroom?

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3/27/08 11:22 pm - wytetygryss - Activities for practicing reading cognates

I have a class of grade 4 students (9-10 years old) who are in their first year of French. They seem, overall, to be pretty weak in reading in English, but I am trying to teach them some reading comprehension strategies for French. One of the strategies that is very important in our curriculum is the idea of cognates (or mots-amis)... those words that are the same (or similar) in French and English.

I've explained the idea to them multiple times. I've modeled finding cognates in our reading selections. I've had them work in pairs and independently to try and find some on their own. A lot of the kids still don't seem to get it.

Does anyone have any activities they have used to help students learn this idea? I really do think some of the kids have gotten it into their heads that they "can't read French" and don't even want to try... so I really want them to understand that there are a LOT of words that are the same or similar in both languages.


2/21/08 07:08 pm - ambrecaye - Bonjour!

What do you teach? 7th grade Exploring World Cultures, 8th grade Exploring French (7-week "exploratory" classes)
Where do you teach? Lakeville, MN
How long have you been teaching? 10 years in ELL and French, adults and kids, 4 years (non-consecutive) in US public schools
Favorite activity to do in the classroom? singalongs
One interest we could add to the interests list American Association of Teachers of French (AATF)

1/2/08 04:22 pm - flippincloud69 - L'art français

I am beginning my student teaching in a couple of weeks and need some suggestions if possible. I will be doing 2nd year and 4th year French class. The 4th year program has no specific curriculum, so I get to pick and choose whatever I want to teach. THis is a blessing and a curse- I love that I have to learn how to write quizzes and test, but at the same time this makes for a lot more work.

I gave the students a survey to rate what topics interested them, and their ratings would determine the order in which I will teach them. The first subject is art. My first thought was to create power points highlighting specific periods of French art. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good resources, or things I could borrow (as I have had to read Harry Wong, I like the idea of beg, borrow and steal)? All suggestions are appreciated!
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